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As of December 2014 Versikaitis - The Art of Sport has joined forces with Shehneela Ahmed of PlatinumFA Britain's & World's First Asian Female Football Agent for The English FA. Registered Lawyer and Football Agent.
I am very honoured to be in association with PlatinumFA and to have this opportunity to be working with
such prestige individuals as Shehneela Ahmed and Public Director Steve Hudson.
An exciting time for Versikaitis - The Art of Sport.... Joe Versikaitis - Sports Artist

I have turned my self-taught sport art to a slapping realism portrait artwork. I will create the main character as  realistic as I can and then I just slap the paint around in the background and have fun. This is my style!

The modern day masters like Robert Bateman, Sports Artist Stephen Holland, and the late Giuseppe Dangelico also known by as " Pino " just fascinate me. Their style's, even though different, brings the viewer else where in life. Their paintings make you say, "With Hollands work, remembering that moment in the players history or seeing the player in that stance!" Or with Pino's style the viewer is sent to see beautiful people and places in the Mediterranean. Places where I wish I could be.

I have spent my life studying and sometimes teaching art. I use acrylics as my main medium but I will go back and forth to pastels. With acrylics I have to mix my own colors and after a few paintings, when I get frustrated of mixing, I will switch to pastels because the colors are already there. I like this freedom to be able to change.

" My working mantra in anything I do is " Give me a canvas and I will paint you an illusion!"

  I have come to the conclusion that realism is not about painting something exactly as it appears. It's more about creating an illusion with the colors and shapes. To make the subject on your canvas look so real that it compels the viewer to touch the painting. I love it when people critique or take a closer look at my work. Especially when they find something new that they missed earlier.

I want to make the viewer reflect on his or her own personal feelings and imagine what my thoughts were when I created that piece. I want the viewer to enjoy the painting as much as did composing it. I believe this is what keeps my dream a live, the dream to create my ideas, my compositions and my illusions of the professional sport world.

Of course the final touch would be to have my image exhibited in the sports fan home.

 It would be my pleasure and honour to converse with you on any detail involving the creation of one of a kind art work.

Joe Versikaitis - Sports Artist

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